I forgot my camera in the store in Lexington so me and Lona jumped in the car to go get it! Got lost again and had to turn around and go back! Woop woop I’m such a retard! 😉 Feeling so sorry for myself right now that I’m in my sofa with a glas of wine, cheese and a new Cosmo in my hand!
Hope you guys have the best weekend! My sister and my mom is coming tomorrow, yeeeeeey so incredibly exited!


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2 thoughts on “SO LOST

  1. caroline1t says:

    Oh that is sad… I would be so unhappy if I lost my camera! I hope you found it and here’s to a great weekend!

  2. @caroline The camera is in the store in Lexinton. All i had to do is go there and get it but my GPS broke last week and i am hopeless with maps obviously, so i got lost! Hahaha you should have seen me, all sweaty with a kid in the back seat! 😉


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